Wintertime is the Perfect Time to Live in a Senior Living Community

The winter months can be a challenging time for older adults. Here in Jackson, snowfall, freezing temperatures and icy sidewalks or roads can create dangerous situations, especially for seniors.

If you or your loved one have been thinking about transitioning to a senior living community, you might want to consider the move before the winter season strikes. Downsizing offers benefits all year long, but there are some important advantages to living in a senior living community during the cold, winter months.

Protect yourself from winter hazards.

If you live in Jackson, then you’re already familiar with Michigan’s frigid temps, snowed-in driveways, and slippery sidewalks. Unfortunately for older adults, any attempt to brave the outdoors to clear snow, collect mail, or drive to the grocery store can increase their risk for serious injury.

At Vista Grande Villa, residents never have to worry about icy driveways or treacherous driving conditions. Our maintenance-free lifestyle ensures all the housework and chores, like snow shoveling and appliance repairs, are taken care of so that our residents can safely and comfortably enjoy life on their terms.

Beat the winter blues.

The winter months can be a particularly lonely time for seniors. The lack of sunlight combined with dangerous road conditions make it difficult to leave the house and can lead to isolation or feelings of depression. One of the greatest benefits of moving to a senior living community is that your loved one has activities and events built into their daily experience. This helps combat boredom and depression that can be a byproduct of winter and the holidays.

Seniors at Vista Grande Villa have access to programs and events all year long. From book clubs and crafting events to game nights and Bible studies, our residents can participate in a variety of fun activities, even when they can’t go outside. For a full list of current events, view our activities calendar.

Increased access to healthcare.

Another downfall to winter is cold and flu. Seniors are especially vulnerable to viruses, and getting the cold or flu can take a toll on their overall health. Fortunately, senior living communities are designed to help boost overall health and wellness. At Vista Grande Villa, we support a healthy lifestyle through nutritious meals, wellness opportunities, like group fitness classes, and activities that keep you learning and growing.

If sickness does occur, our residents have access to reliable on-site healthcare and medical monitoring. Our on-campus health clinic, 24-hour emergency wellness checks, and rehabilitative services are here to provide residents with attentive care in an environment that feels like home.

Schedule a tour today!

Instead of dreading the winter season, consider moving yourself or a loved one into a senior living community where wintertime can be safe, healthy, and enjoyable. Learn more about Vista Grande Villa and schedule a tour today!

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