Why Seniors Might Need Short-Term Rehabilitation

As we get older, it can take our bodies longer to recover and heal following an extended illness, injury, or surgery. Returning home from the hospital too quickly can put seniors at risk for re-injury and can also put a lot of stress on family caregivers.

For these reasons, your healthcare provider may recommend a stay in a short-term rehabilitation center prior to returning home. Short-term rehab refers to a range of therapeutic services and around-the-clock medical care provided over a short span of time, typically following a hospital stay. The primary goal is to help seniors regain their strength, mobility, and independence so that they can return home.

At Vista Grande Villa, our short-term rehab program is designed to bridge the gap between hospitalization and returning to independent living. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and staffed by skilled professionals who specialize in physical, occupational, and speech therapies. These services are tailored to each resident’s unique needs and goals, ensuring a personalized and effective recovery plan. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of short-term rehab for seniors.

Benefits of short-term rehab

Quick recovery time

In short-term rehab, specialized therapy programs are designed to meet a resident’s specific needs. This personalized approach allows seniors to regain their strength and functionality faster than they would at home. Short-term rehabilitation also offers a break from home maintenance. Because rehab centers take care of all the daily home maintenance tasks and meals, residents can focus all their energy on recovery instead of worrying about their household responsibilities.

Comprehensive care under one roof

Short-term rehab takes a holistic approach to meet the needs of senior’s by offering comprehensive, on-site therapy services including physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as nursing and medical care. Individualized treatments developed by a multidisciplinary team of skilled nurses and rehab professionals help get seniors back on their feet in a safe and supportive environment that feels like home.

Help is always available

Seniors benefiting from short-term rehab services receive constant supervision and care. This helps reduce the risk of re-injury while minimizing falls and other accidents that could lead to re-admission to the hospital. Similarly, families gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in good hands. This can alleviate stress and allow family members to focus on their roles as supporters rather than primary caregivers.

Comfort-enhancing amenities

At Vista, we are a senior living community with dedicated short-term rehabilitation. That means that patients in our short-term program can enjoy the same amenities, services, and perks that our full-time residents enjoy every day. While residents of short-term rehab are focusing on recovery, they can also experience delicious on-site meals, access to resort-style amenities, and ample opportunities to engage with other residents and staff members.

Short-term Care at Vista Grande Villa

At Vista, our short-term rehabilitation program is the perfect place for seniors seeking to continue their journey to recovery outside of the traditional hospital setting. Our caring and experienced team is committed to helping residents recover the strengths, skills, independence, and confidence to return home to family and friends.

To learn more about our short-term rehab services, or to schedule a tour, contact Vista Grande Villa today!

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