Warding off Winter Isolation

At any time of the year, isolation and loneliness are big concerns if your aging parent spends much time alone. It’s especially difficult in the winter when darkness sets in earlier—whether your loved one fears driving at night or simply has safety concerns about venturing out on icy roads and sidewalks. Staying in and staying warm become a priority, and that amplifies the sense of isolation.

Studies show a lack of socialization impacts well-being and mental health in seniors, and correlates with major health risks including: 

Faster decline in motor skills

Less overall mobility

Increased mortality rate

Increased risk of high blood pressure

Increased risk of depression

You might think that these declines are a natural part of aging, but according to the National Institutes of Health, loss of mobility and mental health are often caused or exacerbated by inactivity.

Now instead of picturing your dad or mom at home, isolated and alone, imagine this: The day starts with coffee at home. Then, Mom might catch a morning light cardio class with her neighbor before joining girlfriends for an afternoon movie matinee, followed by coffee at the neighborhood Café. Dad might spend his afternoon completing a project in the woodworking shop before meeting a buddy at the buffet restaurant for dinner. 

Mom and Dad could do all that at Vista Grande Villa.

Today’s senior living communities offer so many amenities and social opportunities—all under one roof. So your loved one won’t even need to grab a coat. 

Consider a Winter Retreat at Vista Grande Villa! It’s a short-term stay just for the winter, with complete access to all the services and amenities Vista Grande Villa offers—including so many social opportunities, but no long-term commitment. Contact us to learn more.

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