Summer Safety for Older Adults

Summer Safety for Older Adults

Along with abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures, the summer season brings some special health considerations for older adults. By taking proper precautions, you can help ensure a safe summer experience for your older loved one. Here are some tips to help seniors safely enjoy the warmer summer months.

Drink plenty of water

As we get older, our bodies naturally lose the ability to conserve water. This makes it even more critical for seniors to consistently drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Dress properly

Older adults should be mindful of how they dress when spending time outdoors. The appropriate clothing can help protect the body from UV rays while maintaining a reasonable body temperature. This includes wearing:

  • Light-colored, loose-fitting shirts and pants
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Sunglasses

Apply sunscreen

When spending time outdoors, remember to slather on sunscreen. Look for a high SPF protection level and apply it to all areas of exposed skin, including your nose, neck, hands and feet. Re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours to prevent sunburns.

Use bug spray

Seniors are more susceptible to infections due to weaker immune systems. For this reason, it is important for older adults to protect themselves from insects by wearing bug spray and avoiding places where they are more likely to encounter harmful bugs.  

Check your medications

Some medications may cause your body to be more sensitive to the sun. Talk to your doctor to learn if your prescription medicine requires you to take extra precautions when spending time outdoors.

Avoid the hottest time of day

If possible, avoid being outside when the sun is at its peak—usually around 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Instead, enjoy outdoor activities before and after those hours or prepare to spend time in a shaded area.

When we plan outdoor activities at Vista Grande Villa, we always have the safety of our residents in mind. We offer a variety of new activities and events each month for our seniors to explore. To learn more about our upcoming events and activities, view our community calendars or contact VGV today.

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