Women exchanging gifts for Mother's Day

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day with your mom or grandmother, you may want to explore different ways to make the day special, particularly if she’s in a senior living community or requires additional support.

Here are a few gift ideas for making this Mother’s Day extra memorable.

Quality Time

The best gift you can give your mom is quality time.  Regardless of her living situation, focus on making the day all about her by engaging in her favorite activities. Even if your mother or grandmother has physical limitations or cognitive challenges, your presence and willingness to spend the day with her will help her feel loved and appreciated.

If your mom or grandma resides in senior living, check with the community to see if they are hosting a brunch or special activity to celebrate Mother’s Day. Other ways to spend quality time with your mother or grandmother include:

  • Enjoying a meal together
  • Playing a game or working on a puzzle
  • Watching her favorite movie
  • Baking together
  • Making a craft
  • Looking at family photos and sharing old stories

A Monthly Subscription

Does your mom have a favorite hobby, activity or product? Monthly subscriptions can make the perfect gift—plus they truly give all year long! Consider one of these subscription options for Mother’s Day:

  • Audio books
  • Coffee or tea
  • Magazines
  • Flowers
  • Craft supplies

Spa Day

If your mom enjoys being pampered, celebrate her by arranging a special spa day. Some spas even offer services tailored for seniors, including manicures, pedicures or massages. Afterward, take her out to her favorite restaurant for lunch or coffee.

If spas aren’t her thing but she’s able to get around easily, take her out for a Mother’s Day adventure. This can be as simple as going out for brunch, walking at the park or shopping at a local antique store.

Mother’s Day Care Package

If you don’t live near your mom or grandmother, consider sending a care package filled with her favorite items and treats. You can include her favorite candies, lotions, a cozy blanket, games, gift cards, photos of the family and more. Don’t forget to include handmade cards and notes from her grandchildren!

Moms in Memory Care

At Vista Grande Villa, our specially trained caregivers provide 24/7 support to your loved one’s ongoing needs—and Mother’s Day is no exception. We go above and beyond to make this day a memorable one for our elderly memory care mothers and encourage family members to celebrate their moms by visiting them on this special day. Gift ideas for mothers or grandmothers in memory care include items that are soft and soothing, like a comfortable bathrobe, a blanket or slippers. Create a family photo album for your mom that you can look at together.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, a special activity or a unique experience, there’s something for every mom and grandma to enjoy. By focusing on quality time, personalizing the celebration, and engaging in activities that highlight her interests and passions, you can ensure a truly meaningful day for both of you. At VGV, we’re here to help families create special memories with their moms and grandmothers on Mother’s Day—and every day! For more ideas or to learn about our Mother’s Day events, contact Vista Grande Villa today.

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