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Sow a seed and the earth will yield a flower.

–Kahlil Gibran

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Community Connection Newsletter

VGV Fund Development Department Newsletter 9 2020
September 2020

When you donate to Vista Grande Villa, you unite with people who share the belief that senior citizens deserve to live extraordinary lives. The “Extraordinary Living Fund” is an amazing community asset. Join us!

Vista Grande Villa QDC Ad2We all see it. Maybe it’s through a loved one, a neighbor, a mentor or a role model. Aging challenges them regardless of the amazing “impacts” they’ve had in our lives. We see their pride and determination is as strong as ever even as their physical and often analytical capacities decline. Their transition can be overwhelming without you! We could turn and look the other way, or we can ensure they continue to experience extraordinary lifestyles within the realities of their lives. Join us!

Daily, up to 300 seniors present varied and immediate needs to the caring and professional staff at Vista Grande Villa. In addition to physical challenges, almost half will need memory support. You can help them continue to live extraordinary lives regardless of challenges. Vista Grande Villa residents remain active in the community. Some garden, some dance, some continue hobbies, some dine-out, and some attend community events. A group of residents is currently working on plans to implement an intergenerational program engaging youth who are struggling to connect positively in the community. All of our residents are building friendships, experiencing joy and nurturing sense of value. Sound familiar? Our loved ones impacts don’t have to end. Join us!

Seniors are proud and their call to us is often muted. But it’s there and it’s real. Together, we can answer the vital call of our seniors. Join us!

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Why Give to Vista Grande Villa

Your gift to Vista Grande Villa will assure the quality of life at Vista Grande Villa, now and in the future. A donation can fund a program or event, create a special place in the community, support education for a staff member, or join an endowment for the benefit of residents who outlast their resources. As a nonprofit healthcare organization, Vista Grande Villa is grateful for your support, which assists us in providing the best place to age in Jackson County.