Celebrating Veterans at Vista Grande Villa

Celebrating Veterans at Vista Grande Villa

At Vista Grande Villa, we’re proud to have many military veterans and their spouses among our residents. Veterans Day, November 11, is a day to honor the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. For aging and elderly veterans, this holiday is an important time to reflect on their experiences and receive recognition for their deeds.

If your elderly parent or loved one is residing in a senior living community, it is important that you find ways to honor their service on Veterans Day and include them in celebrations. Fortunately, there are many meaningful ways you can observe November 11 with the seniors in your life.

Say thank you.

An easy way to show a veteran your appreciation is by simply telling them thank you in person or sending them a hand-written card. If you don’t personally know a veteran, find a reputable organization that provides care package services. Military care packages deliver a welcome piece of home to deployed service members while they’re away. Get together with friends and family to build packages for troops, and include items like essential toiletries, non-perishable foods, reading material, and games.

Attend a parade or local memorial service.

Many communities hold remembrance ceremonies and parades to pay tribute to their local service members. If your senior loved one can’t drive but is able to get around, ask them to accompany you at local celebrations. Honor the fallen by attending memorial services within your community or planting flags on graves at your local Veterans cemetery.

Listen and learn from a veteran.

Know someone who is a veteran? Whether it’s a grandparent or neighbor, take the time to sit down and listen to their stories. Ask them questions about their time in service and consider recording or writing down their responses so that you can preserve their memories for many years to come. The following questions can help you get started:

  • What motivated you to join the military?
  • What are you most proud of about your time in the service?
  • How long did you serve?
  • Where did you travel while in the service?

Make patriotic crafts.

Making patriotic crafts and decorations is a great way to pay tribute in the days leading up to Veterans Day. Host a party with other seniors and make a day out of creating wreaths or hanging flags. Crafting is also a great way for veteran grandparents to bond with grandkids while sharing stories about their time in service.

No matter how you decide to spend Veterans Day this year, we encourage you to take the time to honor the men and women who have served in our community. At Vista Grande Villa, we are honored and proud to honor the veterans who have chosen to call our senior living community their home.

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