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Explore the stories that make Vista Grande Villa more than Ordinary.


Retired chaplain. Navy veteran. Farm-to-table gardener.

harryFor Harry, Vista Grande Villa provides independence, a peace-of-mind and community involvement.

At Vista Grande Villa, he has the space he desires to garden his favorite vegetables, without having to mow the lawn during the week.

"I make great home-made pasta sauce with tomatoes straight from the garden!"

Harry makes weekly visits to the Health & Rehab Center, delivering mail and packages to the residents. He also inspires the residents by sharing laughter and a willingness to listen. He is motivated by his calling to serve and values the blessings he receives when helping others.


Retired high school secretary. Golfer. Avid reader.

2 VGV ElaineFor more than five years, Elaine has enjoyed the amenities and personalized services at Vista Grande Villa. Among the many valued benefits, she finds the most comfort in the safety and security provided in the apartment home neighborhood.

"When I can’t take care of me, I know Vista Grande Villa can."

As an avid reader, you may find Elaine in the library or you may find her socializing on the golf course with friends she’s made.

She also enjoys sharing time with one of the many visits from her grandkids who comfortably stay in the guest room. They relax together in the game or billiard rooms, or whatever adventure they find.

Reverend John, Nancy and Leif:

Retired minister. Retired quality management officer. Man’s best friend.

22 VGV John Nancy LeifReverend John and Nancy moved from their Lake Somerset home more than five years ago and are enjoying the perks of the Carriage Home neighborhood. The couple were thrilled to find the community pet friendly, adopting Leif two years ago. The content trio enjoy all the amenities and wonderful staff, finding the most comfort in the accessibility of care and the companionship of people their age.

"Leif has made just as many friends as we have here."

Leif is also thrilled to have his own yard space, allowing him to keep an eye on his two best friends and their neighborhood friends!


Retired from the dairy industry. Wood-worker. Ice cream aficionado.

19 VGV DuaneDuane has lived at Vista Grande Villa for nearly five years. He’s an avid woodworker, has enjoyed his hobby for more than 30 years and can often be found in the workshop. Initially he made wooden names for his family members and now makes these works of art for staff members! He’s made more than 200 names in the past 30 years.

"I’m a handyman who loves an ice cream cone in my hand!"

He loves the perks of regular Vista Grande Villa road trips and is looking forward to the upcoming trip to Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor, where, 60 years ago, he delivered milk and ice cream!

Profiles of residents are not actual and are intended for marketing purposes. Information on facilities are distinct to the facility.