Which Retirement Home is Right for You?

For most people, choosing a house is the fun part of making a move, and in many ways the challenges are the same at any age—you’re shopping for the future. With a retirement move, you’re selecting a residence you’ll love as you continue your life. It should be just as fun and exciting, but now your goal is a home designed to suit your needs today with built-in flexibility for very different needs tomorrow.

>Appropriate Floorplans. Most retirees realize they don’t need as many rooms to live comfortably any longer, so “rightsizing” becomes a priority. And from our experience, the key to downsizing to less square footage is all about helping residents choose smart floor plans—where each room offers very usable space.

Key Questions: Do you entertain often? If you do, you may need more space than if you rarely invite people over. Do you expect children and grandchildren to stay overnight? If so, you may need more guest space than you would if your children lived in the same town and just come by for dinner. Also think about your current lifestyle, vocational pursuits and hobbies. If you’re still working, you may need an office—and a craft room may be crucial if you can’t imagine life without your favorite creative outlet.

>Future Adaptability. When it comes to a retirement home, even if today you can take two stairs at a time with no hesitation, having a bedroom suite on the main level is preferable. Also, open floor plans are desirable because they create better spaces for socializing because they’re also easier to maneuver with a walker or wheelchair. 

Key Questions: Does the floor plan you’re considering allow for easy mobility? For those moving about on wheels, are hallways and doorways wide enough? Pull out a measuring tape or ask; 36 inches or wider is the goal for comfortable maneuverability.

>Safety and Security. At any age, we want to live in a neighborhood that feels safe and secure, and the goal for a retirement home is no different. As we grow older, we just shift our focus to concerns inside the house as well as outside.

Key Questions: Does the home offer a walk-in bathtub or shower? The best showers have no steps, and grab bars inside showers and around toilets also are useful. Is the home equipped with an emergency call system? Knowing you have 24/7 access to easy-to-use technology in case of a health scare offers true peace of mind.

Your Retirement Plan Starts Here! We know you have options for retirement living in Jackson, but Vista Grande Villa is the area’s only true Life Plan community. We’re prepared to chat about what you’re looking for today—and tomorrow. Contact us for an appointment!

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