Grandparents and Grandchildren Bonding

Tips for Bonding with Grandchildren

Whether you live next door to your grandkids or many miles away from them, most grandparents would agree that it is important to maintain close relationships with their grandchildren. Thinking of ways to plan your time together, however, can be challenging.

Here are some helpful tips to help you create a lasting bond with your grandkids.

Bake Together

Baking can help teach your grandkids important life skills, like following directions and practicing patience. Try a brand-new recipe together or teach them how to bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies! Enjoy your yummy treats after dinner or share them with family and friends.

Look Through Old Family Photos

Show your grandchildren old family photos and share the stories behind the pictures. This will give you the opportunity to relive your memories and your grandkids the chance to ask questions about your past while learning about their family history. 

Share a Hobby

Retirement is the perfect time to explore old hobbies and pursue new interests. It’s also a great opportunity to share these activities with grandkids. Whether it’s knitting and baking or fishing and golfing, making time to share experiences with your grandchildren is a good way to create memories and strengthen relationships. Similarly, be open to learning some of your grandkids favorite activities as well! From building Legos and watching baseball to learning how to play a video game, your grandkids will always look back and remember how you took the time to enjoy their interests.

Connect From Afar

It can be hard to feel connected to your grandkids when they live far away. Fortunately, technology today makes it easy to communicate with loved ones from afar. A video call is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your grandkids on a regular basis. Schedule time each week to catch up and share stories. If technology feels overwhelming, or if you love getting mail, become pen pals with your grandchild. It’s fun for kids to receive things in the mail—plus they will improve their writing skills while they are at it!

Plan a Day Out

If mobility isn’t an issue, plan a day to explore local attractions with your grandkids. This may include visiting the children’s museum, playing at a park or treating your grandkids to their favorite meal at a restaurant. These shared experiences will stick with your grandchildren for years to come.

At Vista Grande Villa we welcome family visitors, including children, and encourage regular interaction between our residents and their grandchildren. Check out our event calendar for fun opportunities to connect with friends and family, or contact VGV today for more information.

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