Senior Living at Vista Grande Villa

Senior Living Communities Fosters Friendships—Here’s how

Maintaining social connections and building meaningful relationships is important. This is true for people of all ages, especially older adults who often discover that their social circles wane as work colleagues drift apart and neighbors move away. A lack of friendship in retirement can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. Studies also show that chronic loneliness is also associated with a host of health problems, including cognitive decline and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias.

So, how can seniors combat isolation and related health issues in retirement? For many retired adults, moving to a senior living community offers the perfect solution. Senior living communities like Vista Grande Villa thrive on socialization and offer the perfect blend of connection opportunities while respecting our seniors’ privacy and independence. Our residents enjoy opportunities to engage in various activities, programs, and outings, all while creating new relationships with neighbors and our dedicated staff.

Here are 3 ways seniors can connect and build relationships with other residents at Vista
Grande Villa:

1. Take advantage of community amenities and common spaces.

At Vista Grande Villa, our campus features a variety of shared living spaces where neighbors can congregate and naturally have conversations throughout the day. These common areas, like the dining room, sitting room, library, salon, and fitness center, provide opportunities for residents to socialize and spend time together without ever leaving the community. In a senior living community, you never have to be alone if you don’t want to be because friends, neighbors, and caring staff are always nearby. With housekeeping, maintenance, and meals taken care of for you, residents always have the freedom to enjoy life on their terms with the people they want to spend it with.

2. Make meals a social event.

Studies suggest that older adults who regularly share meals with friends and family tend to eat more and make healthier choices at mealtimes. The simple act of having a meal with someone provides a social experience and makes mealtime something to look forward to everyday. When it comes to dining at VGV, residents can choose from three different restaurant-style venues for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or if you prefer, share a meal with neighbors in your apartment home. Whichever you choose, make mealtime an occasion to catch up with friends, get to know new neighbors, and surround yourself with other like-minded residents.

3. Join a club or pick up a new hobby

A great way to interact with other residents is by joining a club or group within the community. For instance, if you enjoy reading, join a book club. If a book club doesn’t exist in your community, consider starting one as a great way to start forming friendships with residents who share our same interests.

Vista Grande Villa has a robust social life with plenty of activities for seniors to choose from, including cardio classes, arts and crafts, game nights, square dancing, technology classes, and more. When residents make it a priority to regularly attend the events or activities that interest them, they quickly start to develop new friendships within the community.

Start Connecting at Vista Grande Villa

At a time in life when it might seem difficult to nurture old relationships and build new friendships, it’s important for seniors to seek out opportunities to socialize and connect with others. One of the any draws to a senior living community, like VGV, is the abundance of opportunities to connect with friends available right outside your door. At Vista Grande Villa, we encourage our residents to lead an active and social lifestyle. Here, we provide a safe and comfortable environment for residents to connect, engage and build friendships that support an overall enhanced quality of life.

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