SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Be the Best You at Any Age

As seniors, we can continue on a journey of self-improvement. There’s no age limit to continuing education and lifelong fulfillment. Rather than lamenting frustrations in life, we can take matters into our own hands and make each and every day rewarding. Here are tips to get you well on your way to improving how you see yourself and your life!

Start Early. You’ve heard the saying: The early bird gets the worm. Well, kicking off your day by waking up earlier can help make the most of your day. You’ll have time to enjoy a good breakfast, get in a little exercise and plan your day—all before lunchtime. From healthy fuel and physical activity to boost your mood and energy to a daily game plan to maximize concentration and productivity, starting your day well can help improve your overall well-being.

Accept Yourself. It’s natural to look at others and sometimes wish you were more like them—whether it’s their confidence, looks, background or personality. Instead of being envious or trying to be someone you’re not, focus on accepting who you are. Although others may seemingly have it all, you have skills and talents they never will.

Keep Learning. Take up a hobby. Learn another language. Study something you always wanted to know more about. Picking up a new skill or talent is one of the most effective ways to improve yourself. You’ll become more open-minded and well-rounded, increase your memory and venture out of your comfort zone.

Overcome Fear. Everybody is afraid of something, but the trick is not letting fear prevent you from growing and bettering yourself. Face your fear head-on and you could remove the biggest obstacle preventing you from fulfilling a dream.

Kick Bad Habits. Some of the biggest obstacles to self-improvement are bad habits like smoking, eating fast food and oversleeping. Try substituting something you enjoy to help you quit—like getting up for an exercise class or trading junk food for a home chef meal delivery service and having a little fun cooking. You’ll be healthier, happier and exposed to life experiences you may have been missing.

Believe in You. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, set achievable, attainable goals—and go for it! Outline realistic steps to get there and write them down to keep your eye on the plan. When you believe in yourself, you’re increasing the odds of making yourself feel more successful and content.

Give Yourself a Break. To enjoy everything life has to offer, you have to take a break now and then. Break away from your normal routine for a trip to some locale you’ve always longed to visit—or just meet a friend for lunch. You’ll recharge your batteries and discover new interests whether you explore the world or your own community.

We Help You Focus on Mind, Body and Spirit! Vista Grande Villa is a retirement community committed to offering a full schedule of educational, cultural, physical, recreational and spiritual events and activities. We’re here to help you be your best you. Contact us to learn more!

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