Proper Nutrition Required: Even in Winter

As Mom and Dad get older, even if they once enjoyed cooking, they may lose interest in preparing meals—especially if they’re now cooking for one. And in the winter, with snowy roads and icy sidewalks, grocery shopping for fresh, nutritious ingredients is no fun—and certainly not safe.

To complicate matters, physical ailments—such as arthritis or poor vision—as well as memory issues and confusion may lessen your loved one’s ability to get the nutrition needed to stay healthy.

If you notice any signs of malnutrition, such as getting sick often, dry skin, weight loss or muscle weakness, take your parent to the doctor for a checkup. After ensuring your loved one gets the necessary care, you may want to follow up with a visit to nearby senior living communities.

With social dining spaces and nutritious meals, a senior living community can remove the stress of planning meals, shopping and cooking—and enhance the dining experience by sharing it with friends. Residents have access to healthy, well-balanced meals on a daily basis. Whenever there are special dietary needs, the community can cater to them.

Consider a Winter Retreat at Vista Grande Villa! It’s a short-term stay just for the winter, with complete access to all the amenities Vista Grande Villa offers—including nutritious, delicious meals, but with no long-term commitment. Contact us to learn more.

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