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Peace of mind link for Life Plan, with link to Oberst story/Grande Living Cycles repeat. A new phase in life, decisions about which path to follow, second thoughts about the path untraveled. It comes full circle when making decisions and picking a pathway for the retirement years. Even after careful planning, it’s natural to have second thoughts. “Did we get it right? Things are good now, but what if something happens?”

No matter where your personal journey leads, you can be confident that you packed well for the trip if you chose a Life Plan community. Vista Grande Villa is the only true Life Plan community in the Jackson area, with every lifestyle option right on the same campus. With a Life Plan Residency Package, a substantial portion of the cost associated with future long-term care is included.

If a health challenge should arise, you have secured a lifetime of care at a significant savings in a familiar place, surrounded by people you trust. That’s real peace of mind for you. And that peace of mind extends to your loved ones.

“We have four sons,” said Joyce Oberst, who has enjoyed living at Vista Grande Villa since 1991 with her husband, Bob. “Everyone was kind of surprised when we decided to move here, but actually, we gave them a wonderful gift by moving here.”

“Any decisions that were going to come up, we already took care of it. And they don’t have to make the tougher decisions. It’s already been covered.”

In fact, moving in and taking advantage of the Life Plan option has worked well for the Obersts. While Joyce remains in their independent living residence, health concerns have prompted a transition for Bob to the Health Center, where he receives round-the-clock care and support.

The Life Plan offers lifestyle choices ranging from independent living and assisted living to memory care, short-term rehab and long-term skilled nursing.

“It means a lot when we’re still under one roof,” Joyce said. “And when he feels like it, he can come to the apartment for a while. So really, it has worked out very well for us to have that option.”

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