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Deciding on senior living options can be confusing, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead—even about later phases of retirement. If you’re considering alternatives to in-home care, you’ll want to learn to distinguish one type of retirement community from another. Retirement-planning author and speaker Brad Breeding can help.

At any time of the year, isolation and loneliness are big concerns if your aging parent spends much time alone. It’s especially difficult in the winter when darkness sets in earlier—whether your loved one fears driving at night or simply has safety concerns about venturing out on icy roads and sidewalks. Staying in and staying warm become a priority, and that amplifies the sense of isolation.

Short of hibernation, it’s hard to avoid the winter weather that lies ahead. While tumbling temperatures and a wintry mix of precipitation can be rough on everyone, seniors face unique challenges. What can you do to help your mom or dad stay safe and warm during cold weather?

As Mom and Dad get older, even if they once enjoyed cooking, they may lose interest in preparing meals—especially if they’re now cooking for one. And in the winter, with snowy roads and icy sidewalks, grocery shopping for fresh, nutritious ingredients is no fun—and certainly not safe.