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We tend to slow down and become more sedentary as we grow older for many reasons—from health problems, weight or pain issues to fears of falling. But exercise is more important than ever as we age, because it has so many health benefits.

For most people, choosing a house is the fun part of making a move, and in many ways the challenges are the same at any age—you’re shopping for the future. With a retirement move, you’re selecting a residence you’ll love as you continue your life. It should be just as fun and exciting, but now your goal is a home designed to suit your needs today with built-in flexibility for very different needs tomorrow.


How should you evaluate them?

You’re lucky to have retirement living choices in the Jackson area, and while you have probably done research online, visiting the communities you’re curious about offers invaluable evidence that leads to sound decisions. With the following guidance in mind, we recommend visits to your top-choice communities, using the following five criteria to help evaluate your options.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed about retirement for a long time. In fact, you might have a mental picture of what it looks like. But we seldom allow ourselves the luxury of time to explore what it takes to achieve the freedom we’ve always imagined. So take a minute to focus on three topics that could help you define what you’re looking for in retirement.