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Winter Worries for Aging Parents

When you don’t live next door to your aging parents, it’s natural to worry about them—and when temperatures drop, the anxiety goes up. There’s plenty to be concerned about—from slips and falls to winter storm power outages and the flu.


If Mom and Dad are still able to care for themselves and socially active, a weekly phone call and occasional visit may be enough to alleviate any concerns you might have. But when distant parents begin to show signs they can’t adequately handle the responsibilities of day-to-day living, ensuring their continued well-being long-distance is more worrisome.


Consider these questions with Mom and Dad in mind:


Do they need assistance with daily living?

Do they need transportation to doctor’s appointments?

Do they need household help with cooking, cleaning and shopping?

Do they need opportunities to socialize with others?


Now, think of local support available to help you keep an eye on them—perhaps a relative or friend lives nearby. The next-door neighbor or the niece across town may be able to check in on them every day or two just to make sure they’re fine.


Senior living is another smart option because it offers all the support your parents need to weather any weather that comes their way.


Personal Assistance. Your dad will likely welcome the support that a senior living community offers. A nurse, for example, may take routine blood pressure readings or manage his prescriptions. Housekeeping will help keep his residence tidy and more healthful; maintenance crews will change burned out light bulbs or fix things that are broken so he won’t stress about repairs.


Safety Assurance. If Mom falls at home, she may not be able to summon the help she needs in an emergency. She also may grow fearful of living in the family home by herself. In a senior living community, her safety and security needs will be met. Well-lit hallways, building security systems, grab bars in the bathrooms, sprinkler systems, and more all can add to her peace of mind and enhance her well-being.


Social Interaction. Seniors who live on their own are at risk of isolation and depression. In the senior living setting, however, residents have the chance to meet others and make friends, participate in hobbies and activities, and attend lively social events. Social stimulation helps them stay engaged with others, and can have a stimulating effect on mental health and happiness.


Best of all, at senior living communities like Vista Grande Villa, the entire staff can provide an “extra set of eyes” to help monitor how your parents are doing on a daily basis—starting this winter.


Consider a Winter Retreat at Vista Grande Villa! It’s a short-term stay just for the winter, with complete access to all the services and amenities Vista Grande Villa offers—including safety and exceptional care, but with no long-term commitment. Contact us to learn more.


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