Nationally Recognized Speaker Talks Retirement

Deciding on senior living options can be confusing, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead—even about later phases of retirement. If you’re considering alternatives to in-home care, you’ll want to learn to distinguish one type of retirement community from another. Retirement-planning author and speaker Brad Breeding can help.

As the go-to expert in his field, Brad Breeding has been interviewed often by the national media for TV and radio programs, podcasts, and publications including Kiplinger’s Magazine, The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, USA Today and The New York Times. But you don’t have to catch him on TV or in newspaper stories to take advantage of his expertise.

If you missed Brad’s appearance at Vista Grande Villa as part of our downsizing educational event series this month, you can benefit from his tips and advice online by visiting the website he co-founded: myLifeSite. It offers resources and tools to help retirees and their families research senior living options.

If you do nothing more than download the Free Guide to Retirement Communities, is worth a visit. You can also test-drive support available on the site—including searching their database of 500+ retirement communities and browsing their resource library—simply by clicking the "Get started for free!" button.

Recently, Brad cited Vista Grande Villa for an innovative approach to ensuring resident access and availability of health care on his myLifeSite Blog which is also worth a read.

Prefer to just pick up a book? Brad is the author of the 2014 guidebook “What’s the Deal with Retirement Communities?” available where most books are sold.

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