Senior Couple Outside - Vsta Grande Villa, Jackson MI

The Promise of Lifecare

Over the past 40 years, Vista Grande Villa has earned an unequaled reputation as Jackson’s only true Lifecare retirement community. The Lifecare residency package at Vista Grande Villa represents a significant savings when compared to other types of senior communities or health care options. For all the benefits, see The Lifecare Advantage.


Vista Grande Villa is also the only retirement community in the Jackson area to offer a low-entrance-fee leasing option that may be converted to Lifecare residency at a later date. For more information about our leasing options, see our Lease Plus Program.


*References to the term Lifecare are fully explained in the Residency Agreement.

Couple enjoying outdoors - Vista Grande Villa, Jackson MI

The Lifecare Advantage

Lifecare is one of the distinct advantages of living at Vista Grande Villa. We deliver a full continuum of quality, long-term health care, within the comfort and security of a familiar environment. If you develop a health issue after becoming a resident, you have the benefit of already knowing where you will receive care—our on-site health and rehabilitation center—where you will be treated by the friendly, professional staff you are familiar with.

Whether the need for care arises as a short-term requirement, or if longer-term care is necessary, Vista Grande Villa can provide it for you. You’ll no longer have to worry about what tomorrow may bring since a substantial portion of the cost associated with future long-term care is included as part of your Lifecare package. If a health challenge should arise, you have secured a lifetime of care at a significant savings in a familiar place surrounded by people you trust.

When you choose Vista Grande Villa, you’re choosing a complete Lifecare community, where you not only remain in control of your future, you avoid exorbitant costs and the worry of burdening loved ones with decisions about your care in the event of a crisis.

The Tax Deduction Advantage

Because Vista Grande Villa is a State of Michigan Registered Lifecare Retirement Community, there are certain tax deductions that may be available to you. IRS ruling 76-481 indicates that certain residents may be able to deduct a percentage of the original entrance fee as a medical expense in the year of the initial move-in. A percentage of the monthly service fee may also be taken as a medical deduction each and every year of the residency. Annually, Vista Grande Villa provides residents with the applicable percentage to be used in calculating their deductions. You may also be eligible for a Homestead Property Tax Credit and/or a Home Heating Credit. Of course, all deductions are subject to the limitations imposed by the Internal Revenue Service and we recommend consulting a tax professional.